With Special Thanks to Our Producers…

1. Kathleen  and  Gerald  (Rick)  Ricker

I had 2 wedding dresses actually. My first dress was a pure Princess gown ready for the Princess day I knew I was going to have. My grandmother took me shopping to a famous store in NYC and together we picked out what we thought was the perfect dress. (when I looked at myself in photos years later, I looked ridiculous – the cap was supposed to be an imitation of a  Princess Guinevere cap as she lept into the arms of Lancelot – and i knew this marriage was not going to last long enough for me to leap anywhere!)

My second dress was the complete opposite experience. I was not going to make a big deal of the dress or the wedding; the ceremony and party were going to be informal and I was going to sew my dress. There was just one problem with my mother jones approach to this wedding – I really did not know how to sew! I got through it with a little help from my friend. I went from Princess Guinevere to Country Colorado Mt Mama in 4 years and this time it worked.

My husband and I have been married for 38 years, we have had a commuter marriage for most of that time and we have 2 grown married daughters and a grand-baby on the way!They both had the wedding and dress they wanted and had no pre-conceived ideas they were going to be a Princess – they both have successful careers and work hard as professional.

Side note about the 2 dresses: The first dress was so expensive, I did not know what to do with it and carried it around in my belongings even when we moved to Virginia from Colorado. It was not until we were going to move back to 2005, 35 years after the first wedding, that I brought the dress to a church second hand store – I hoped a woman would come along and want to look like a medieval princess. As for the other dress: it ended up in the girls dress up box.  After I let one of them wear it for a play, it became a hot item in their dress up world! It then was used to play the Virgin Mary at Christmas, a homesteaders wife on a farm and even Princess Leia from Star Wars – the dress had a storied history; the life and family started with the hand made dress has been remarkable and long lasting!

2. Patricia  Kearns  Gordan

 Born June 7, 1952, to Patricia Sullivan Kearns and John V. Kearns; Teaneck, NJ. Grew up in Palisades Park. Two brothers, one sister. Attended Immaculate Heart Academy and Seton Hall University. Graduated with a degree in teaching, and taught at St. John’s elementary school in Leonia, NJ (her husband’s hometown). Married Robert C. Gordan in 1976. They found their son, David, in a Bolivian orphanage in 1982, and adopted him shortly thereafter. Pat and Bob now reside in Alamo, CA., and also own a condo in Naples, FLA. Pat has been a frequent volunteer, taking part in such projects as English as a Second language, and Eva’s Kitchen. Pat and Bob have traveled extensively, both for business and pleasure; they also enjoy fawning over their nieces and nephews, especially the “greats”: Adeline (5) Henry (3) and Lilah (2). But possibly Pat’s greatest passion is family weddings, and she is looking forward to attending her nephew’s wedding in February.

Donors to honor Patricia Gordan include:
Linda Kearns, Amanda Kraus, Adeline Kraus, Melissa Kearns, Lilah Kearns, Janet Kearns, Patricia Kearns, Mary Indiveri, Claire Gordan, Stephanie Gordan, Maureen Polifroni, Diana Polifroni, and Sonni Caruso.

- I’ve had two mothers in my life. One who has no idea who I am and the other who thinks that she doesn’t know who I am.  Little does the latter know that I have actually developed a lot of her traits for better or for worse.  It seems to have worked out for the best and I couldn’t be happier.  PKG I love and thank you for everything you have provided/taught  me over the years – DMG

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