The Wedding Gown Project

Whether the wedding lasts four hours on a Saturday afternoon or fills a three-day weekend, it doesn’t matter if the bride walks down the aisle or skis down a mountain, chooses cowboy boots or swimming fins, the gown remains white, dramatic and dream like and the most important dress she will over own.

THE WEDDING GOWN PROJECT, ONE Day, One Dream, One Dress is a short documentary about the iconic wedding gown. Through animation and lively interviews with women who are married, divorced and in same-sex relationships, this film explores what women wear for one of life’s most significant events.

Written by children’s author and playwright, Donna Guthrie, filmed and edited by award-winning documentarian Erin Hanson, THE WEDDING GOWN PROJECT investigates the origins of the lavish American wedding gown and the important role it plays in shaping a tradition for women of all ages.

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